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Franchise Opportunities

Franchise Opportunities

Best Day ABA Franchise Program FAQ’s​

Why Best Day ABA?

Best Day ABA takes the time-consuming, day-to-day administrative, billing and compliance tasks off your plate so that you can focus your efforts where they belong: servicing your client’s ABA therapy and overall clinical needs, building your business, and growing your income. And, unlike any other ABA therapy franchise programs throughout the world, we have no upfront franchise fees. None. By contrast, all other ABA therapy franchise competitors require a minimum of $10,000 and sometimes up to nearly $100,000 in franchise fees just to begin with their franchise programs.

At Best Day ABA, a core value of our franchise program is to empower all aspiring BCBA’s who wish to own and operate their own ABA therapy practice; we met this commitment by removing the usual barrier (upfront franchise costs) to aspiring BCBA entrepreneurs and franchisees. By waiving the usual fees associated with being granted a franchise, you as a franchisee can begin helping us all to meet another core value of Best Day ABA – providing ABA therapy services to children on the autism spectrum and with other special needs.

While enjoying the support Best Day ABA provides you as a franchisee, you remain an independent business and can grow your practice at any pace you see fit.

A franchise also has several built-in advantages that allow you to grow your clinical practice and income much faster than if you started your business from scratch. Best Day ABA provides you as a franchisee owner with ongoing guidance, consultation, clinical support in addition to handling your practice’s otherwise time-consuming, day-to-day tasks such as insurance and client billing, collections, financial reports, insurance credentialing, accounting and compliance matters.

The Best Day ABA Franchise Program is designed to help you focus on building your client base, tending to your client’s clinical and ABA therapy needs and increasing your income faster.

If I become a Best Day ABA franchisee, who owns my franchise operation?

You do! The Best Day ABA franchisee program is designed for an ABA therapy practice that is 100% owned and independently operated completely by you as the franchisee.

How much money can I earn as a Best Day ABA franchisee?

Of course, there are nearly an unlimited number of factors that influence the success of any business. However, by becoming a Best Day ABA franchisee, your bottom line will, in virtually all scenarios, be larger than if you were handling in-house all of your insurance billing, collections, credentialing, marketing, branding, accounting and financial report generation. We handle such time-consuming and critical operations for you and at a relative fraction of the cost if you were administering these items yourself.

In addition to the quality of our services and commitment to franchisees, Best Day ABA franchise service fees are only a fraction of the fees our industry competitors charge their franchisees. No other competitor asks for such low fees for its franchise services and support.

The demand for the services provided by ABA therapy practitioners grows continually as both the number and prevalence of children diagnosed with autism increases year over year. This ever-growing demand for ABA therapy services throughout every community continues to outpace the number of available ABA practitioners, with the autism prevalence rate between a range of 1 of every 44 children to as high as 1 of every 26 children per a late December, 2021 CDC report. As such, ABA therapy practitioners will always be in demand.

Best Day ABA provides approved prospective franchisees with a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”). The FDD provides revenue projections on a pro forma basis for a Best Day ABA franchise operation based on number of clients and average insurance billing rates for ABA therapy services.

I already operate my own ABA therapy practice. Can I still become a Best Day ABA franchisee?

Absolutely! Your experience as an entrepreneur and owner only makes you a more attractive franchisee candidate. As a Best Day ABA franchisee, you can focus on increasing your income and client base while we handle the time-consuming administrative work that has historically held you back from growing your business.

What support services do Best Day ABA franchisees enjoy?

In addition to business planning and clinical consulting, Best Day ABA offers its franchisees a wide range of services, including: insurance billing and claims submissions; payment collections; insurance credentialing; human resources consulting; payroll administration; and marketing and promotion of your franchise office. Working together, your franchise location will be a strong success.

I want to become a Best Day ABA franchisee! How do I get started?

Contact us today via our secure portal and we will be in touch with you shortly!